Hey guys! My name is Rhiannon and I will be your clubs officer for 2015.

University life should be much more than just going to lectures and slaving over assignments all semester and we want to ensure that every student has a fun and exciting time at university. 

Monash Caulfield is lucky to have a wide range of different clubs on offer to suit all interests. These include academic, cultural, special interest and spiritual clubs. But if there isn't one that appeals to you, you have the ability to start one yourself! 

Joining one of our many clubs on campus allows you to meet and interact with other students by attending events and getting involved in campus life.   

Another aspect of joining a club is the opportunity to get involved in a club committee. Committee participation will teach you important skills in management, organisation and teamwork that can improve your personal development and future career. 

I strongly encourage you to look at what our clubs have to offer and get involved to make your university experience at Monash Caulfield a more fulfilling one!

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding the resources available for existing clubs, or the application process for starting up a new club. 

Feel free to drop in and see me anytime, the clubs office is located behind the MONSU Service Desk on Level 2 of S Building.


Rihannon Dempster
2015 Clubs Officer
P: 9903 2595
Email: clubs@monsucaulfield.org.au




Past MONSU Caulfield Clubs Officers

  • 2001 - Jana Krizova
  • 2002 - Andy Poon
  • 2003 - Michael Josem
  • 2004 - Leo Ostroburski
  • 2005 - Leigh Gant
  • 2006 - Anthony Hall
  • 2007 - Gavin Annand
  • 2008 - Anne Zhu
  • 2009 - Joe Choy
  • 2010 - Kate Mooney
  • 2011 - Philippa Almack-Kelly
  • 2012 - Jade Mulvaney
  • 2013 - Chanelle D'Cruz
  • 2014 - Frances Gu
  • 2015 - Rhiannon Dempster


(Prior to 2004, the position was known as 'Clubs Council Co-Ordinator')